The Anavilhanas Jungle lodge is located 100km far from Manaus in straight line, on the right riverbank of Negro River and 160km distant by road. It is positioned in front of Anavilhanas Archipelago, the biggest fluvial archipelago of the world and a Brazilian National Park. The transfers from Manaus to the lodge take 3:30h in each way. The transfers occur in van in air-conditioning by paved road connecting Manaus to Novo Airão crossing the Negro River for 3 hours.

Our apartments were built on stilts respecting the local technique, merging wood, straw and masonry to provide privacy, comfortable and a super safety environment for our guests.


LOW SEASON - Check-in between Feb. 1 -> Jun.30 & Sept. 01 -> Dec. 14 (Except National Holidays).
Cancellation or changes less than 15 days before check-in, no refund.

Room CategoryAmazon Experience VI (6D/5N)Amazon Experience V (5D/4N)Amazon Experience IV (4D/3N)Amazon Experience III (3D/2N)
IndividualR$ 7.623R$ 6.278R$ 4.932R$ 3.587
DBL/TPLR$ 5.735R$ 4.767R$ 3.800R$ 2.832
IndividualR$ 9.369R$ 7.675R$ 5.980R$ 4.286
DBL/TPLR$ 6.962R$ 5.749R$ 4.536R$ 3.323
IndividualR$ 11.422R$ 9.298R$ 7.198R$ 5.098
DBL/TPLR$ 8.236R$ 6.768R$ 5.301R$ 3.833

HIGH SEASON - January, July, August & National Holidays (Except Carnival).
Cancellation or changes less than 30D before check-in no refund.

Room CategoryAmazon Experience VI (6D/5N)Amazon Experience V (5D/4N)Amazon Experience IV (4D/3N)Amazon Experience III (3D/2N)
IndividualR$ 8.385 R$ 6.905R$ 5.426R$ 3.946
DBL/TPLR$ 6.308R$ 5.244R$ 4.180R$ 3.115
IndividualR$ 10.306R$ 8.442R$ 6.579R$ 4.714
DBL/TPLR$ 7.658R$ 6.324R$ 4.989R$ 3.656
IndividualR$ 12.539R$ 10.228R$ 7.918R$ 5.607
DBL/TPLR$ 9.060R$ 7.446R$ 5.830R$ 4.216

Carnival, Christmas & New Year Time (Check-in between Dec, 15 and Jan., 1)
It will not be accepted reservation less then 4 nights.
Cancellation or changes less than 60 days, no refund.

Room CategoryAmazon Experience VI (6D/5N)Amazon Experience V (5D/4N)Amazon Experience IV (4D/3N)
IndividualR$ 10.291R$ 8.475R$ 6.659
DBL/TPLR$ 7.742R$ 6.436R$ 5.129
IndividualR$ 12.648R$ 10.360R$ 8.074
DBL/TPLR$ 9.399R$ 7.761R$ 6.123
IndividualR$ 15.388R$ 12.553R$ 9.717
DBL/TPLR$ 11.119R$ 9.138R$ 7.156

National holidays:
Apr. 18 to 21 - Easter: High Season rates with no break of dates.
June 20 to 23 - Corpus Christi: High Season rates with no break of dates.
Nov. 15 to 17 - Proclamation of the Republic: High Season rates with no break of dates.
March 1 to 6 - Carnaval: minimum of 5 days, no break on the date, from Friday to Tuesday or saturday to Wednesday, or more.
Dec. 15 to Jan. 1 – Parties Season (Christmas & New Year): Minimum of 4 days package.

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- Reservation during the holiday periods cannot be "broken". The rule does not apply to holidays on weekends.

- Panoramic: 3rd and 4th person pay as double chalet!
Kids: till 5 years old is free and till 11y pays 50% of individual chalet.

Manaus->Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge->Manaus by ground.
Morning departures between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM, with arrival at hotel in time for lunch.
Afternoon return at 2:00 PM, with arrival in Manaus around 5:30 PM.

The packages include:
Transfer in van with air-conditioning, accommodation, all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and guided* excursions as described above.
* Guide/Translators available for Portuguese and English.

The packages do not include:
Drinks, any travel insurance, extras expenses and anything else not listed as included.

Children Policy:
The Anavilhanas Lodge is recommended for children older than 3 years old, but we do not have age restrictions. Once accompanied by family, all excursions should be done in group respecting the strength and emotional limit of the child. There is NO babysitter, monitor players or child recreation services available in the lodge.
The children policy is valid from 0 to 11 years old kids:
> Kids or adults hosted in Individual rooms will be charged as 100% individual.
> Kid till 5 years old is cortesy since the same room with two adults.
> Kids till 11 years old hosted in room with one adult will be charged as 50% of the individual each. Ie: One adult and one kid till 11 years old in bungalow pay one double bungalow rate for the adult and 50% of the individual rate of bungalow for the kid.


The 16 chalets (27m2 - see external picture of the chalet) are split air conditioning (no noise), equipped with box bed, mini bar, bathroom with hot/cold shower, continuous electrical light and a charming verandah viewing the forest. They can be set as double with one double bed (1,98mx1,76m), two single beds (1,98mx0,88m) and triple with one double and one single bed (1,88mx0,88m).

The 4 exclusive Deluxe Bungalows (38m2 - see below internal view of the Deluxe Bungalow), besides of the all comfort of the standard rooms, stand out for being larger and individual bungalows, offering 32" LCD TV, cable TV - SKY HD and verandah with two hammocks viewed to the forest. They can be set to Double with King-size bed (2,03mx1,93m), twin with two single beds (2,03mx1,10m) or triple with an extra single bed (1,88mx0,88m).

In addition, to meet the most demanding guests, seeking comfort and an exquisite service, were built two Panoramic bungalows.
These suites have a spectacular view of the Amazon rainforest through a glass wall over 10m long. In a privileged location, its 70m² have a king size bed (2,03m x 1.93 M), living room with sofa, dining table for two, LCD TV 42 "with SKY HD channels, air conditioning, ceiling fan, minibar, safe, hair dryer, hot shower and soaking tub. In the screened porch of 20m², the guest can enjoy a delicious hammock and cozy armchairs to relax. These bungalows accommodate up to three people without change layout (single bed 1,98m x 0,88m) or even four including an extra bed (1,88m x 0,88m).

In our restaurant, we serve the best regional and international food. At reception, a bar with a large variety of beverages and our caipirinha, a little store with first needs and a game room with snooker and board games. In addition, we offer access to satellite TV and Internet, and a wide variety of titles in Portuguese and English about forest in our library. Option for relax even more in a delightful swimming pool with a deck and pool lounge to enjoy a wonderful the view to the Negro River and the Anavilhanas archipelago. There is also our hammock place to simply relax and, maybe, enjoy our massage service. A heaven of single and exclusive charm, where the guest meets comfort, excellence in services and unforgettable tours in harmony with our rivers, forests and island.

Our expeditions for igarapés (creeks), igapós (flooded forest), rivers, islands and forest are special chapter. How to describe the sensation to follow wooden trip in canoes and regional boats for the sea of river waters that overflows for the labyrinth of islands one of the biggest fluvial archipelago of the world? The beauty of Anavilhanas, macaws, parrots and of the "botos" (dolphins) always present and surprising the visitor at every moment. During the draught, we offer to strolls white sand beaches lost in way to rivers and forest. In the high waters, it is touchy to take ride in small canoes for the flooded forest and to know the lakes inside the islands.

The Anavilhanas does not permit to capture animals during spotting, since the aim of our visitation is minimal impact with maximum knowledge transmitted. Nature is the reason for our existence and we have the greatest respect in our practices and activities.

The Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is totally in accordance with the environmental laws and strictly follows sustainability principles, from its construction to the operation:

- We kept the Permanent Preserved Area (APP), leaving 30 m of riverbank bush untouched, preventing sandy of rivers and erosion.
- Our endeavor followed the norms of an Environment Control Plan elaborated by a group of forestry engineers and biologists, aiming to minimize the impacts of the undertaking and to have a complete understanding of the local ecosystem.
- All the wood used in the construction of the lodge came from reservation of responsible management forests.
- We make selective garbage collection.
- Our sewer system is treated in biological tanks. There is no sewage release into the rivers or ground water.

In the lodge building time, we placed bungalows, the restaurant and the reception in way minimize the impact on the area and to keep the scene in harmony with the forest. We believe that ecotourism is one of the main allies for the preservation of Amazon fauna and flora. The conscientious tourism generates income, guarantees the preservation of the native forest, it assists government and still spread the environment education between the local people and visitors.

PACKAGES: [ Amazon Experience III ] [ Amazon Experience IV ] [ Amazon Experience V ] [ Amazon Experience VI ]

Amazon Experience III (3 Days /2 Nights)

Designed for the traveler who is eager to know the Amazon but is pressed for time!

The 2 nights' package offers the essential tours, like:
- Canoeing through the Igapós and Igarapés;
- Hiking on dryland forests ;
- Anavilhanas Archipelago nocturnal sightseeing;
- Tour in Archipelago of Anavilhanas looking for Pink Dolphins;
- Recreational Piranha fishing OR Jungle Hike into the flooded forest;
- Sunrise contemplation.

Amazon Experience IV (4 Days /3 Nights)

This is one of our most popular packages, perfect for those who wish to stay another day with us and take better advantage of our activities.

All tours included in the 3 Days Experience and two more:
- Techniques and Practice Bow and Arrow;
- Visit to the local community.

Amazon Experience V (5 Days /4 Nights)

If you would like more time to visit the surroundings and rest, this is the best package for you!

The 4 Days Experience and also:
-Tour into the Archipelago on board of a regional boat.

Amazon Experience VI (6 Days /5 Nights)

This package is designed for those who wish to make to most out of our tours and has more time to visit, explore and rest from the stress of modern life.

Tours (5 Experience plus one full day tour):
- Hiking in the Madadá Caves.

The order of the tours above is defined by the LODGE, which will supply the schedule of the activities upon guest arrival.
Guests with pick-up at the airport between 11am and 2pm will not be able to attend the afternoon tour of the first day.
Guests with return flights scheduled from 1pm to 7pm will not be able to attend the morning tour of the last day.

Jungle Activities

Each package contains a series of tours that help the visitor to understand and experience the wilderness safely and comfortably. We offer explanatory and contemplative tours without interfering with the wildlife and preserving the natural ecosystem. Doses of adventure are added to each ride according to our guests' personal preference, which conducts all of our activities. See tours, summary and approximate time of duration:

Canoeing through the Igapós and Igarapés: Hear the sounds of the forest and explore the rivers. In canoes for up to 2 people, you can watch the scenery changing as you paddle along waters and between trees. Offered in all packages.

Hiking on dryland forests: Led by experienced local guides, explore areas that are not affected by floods – the firm forests or dryland forests. During the tour, learn about trees, fruits and wild fruits, survival strategies and medicinal herbs. Offered in all packages.

Tour in Archipelago of Anavilhanas looking for Pink Dolphins: The countless canals, lakes and islands of one of the world’s largest river archipelagos are explored in seeking of Pink and Gray Dolphins. Offered in all packages.

Recreational Piranha fishing OR Jungle Hike into the flooded forest:Enjoy the amazing scenery and catch some fish during this fun activity done in canoes along the igarapés. In the dry season, from September to December, water gets warmer and fish are more concentrated in the National Park, where fishing is not allowed. However, during this same period, we offer the possibility to walk through the islands of the Anavilhanas Archipelago to get to know closely the differences of fauna and flora of the firm forest and the forest of igapó, characteristics of the Amazon Forest. Offered in all packages.

Anavilhanas Archipelago nocturnal sightseeing: Enjoy the unique feeling of the nightlife inside the forest, lightened by the stars, exploring the igapós to spot birds, sloths, snakes and alligators hidden in the sounds of darkness. Offered in all packages.

Sunrise contemplation: Leaving at dawn, the guest will be taken to the islands to watch the birds flying and the beauty of all the colors when the sun rises in the Amazon sky. Offered in all packages.

Techniques and Practice Bow and Arrow: Have fun with Waimiri-Atroari’s original artifacts and learn techniques to sharpen your aim and hit the targets. Quick introduction to indigenous traditions and way of life. Offered in the 4D/3N package or longer.

Visit to the local community: Canoe trip on Rio Negro and visit to a local caboclo community. Get to know their lifestyle, traditions, agriculture and social organization. Offered in the 4D/3N package or longer.

Tour into the archipelago on board of a regional boat: Travelers embark in a full day sailing through the waters of the Rio Negro, reaching the heart of the National Park, tasting regional fishes at lunch and experiencing the Amazon in its most traditional way. Offered in the 5D/4N package or longer.

Hiking in the Madadá Caves: The day starts when you board a motorboat to tour up the river, 50km from the Lodge. Cross the northern region of the archipelago heading to Grutas do Madadá. A 3 hour track is waiting for you there: hike through the peculiar rock formations and finish your journey with a panoramic view picnic in the observation deck. Offered only in the 6D/5N package.

Drink mineral water; bring light and comfortable clothes, shoes for walk, sunglasses, hat/cap, rain gear, flashlight, binoculars, sun lotion and repellent. Also, bring your own medicine for daily use or incidents. In addition, cash for extras expenses and some handcrafts stuff.


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