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PackagesBuriti (5d/4n)Pupunha (4d/3n)Açaí (3d/2n)
Economic Chalet
IndividualR$ 3.205R$ 2.804R$ 2.355
DoubleR$ 2.067R$ 1.754R$ 1.535
TripleR$ 1.880R$ 1.629R$ 1.441
Comfort Chalet
IndividualR$ 3.494R$ 2.873R$ 2.270
DoubleR$ 2.569R$ 1.942R$ 1.737
TripleR$ 2.352R$ 1.880R$ 1.494
Superior Bungalow
IndividualR$ 3.619R$ 2.998R$ 2.495
DoubleR$ 2.694R$ 2.067R$ 1.863
TripleR$ 2.477R$ 2.000R$ 1.620

It is included in ALL Packages: Transfer hotel in Manaus/airport - lodge - hotel in Manaus/airport, accommodation, meals, excursions - ecoturismoo itineraries - as described accompanied by bilingual guias.
Guide Team is composed by profissional guides speaiking English, Spanish, Franch and German.

Prices do not include: Any drink (water, juice, soft-drink, alcoholic drink or other), airline tickets, travel insurance, extra expenses or services not mentioned as included.

Children Policy : 0 to 5y courtesy since the same room of the parents / 6 to 12y in the same room with 2 adults 50% off.

Rates for Private Tours

GROUP SIZE0102/0304/0506/08
SURVIVAL MAMORI (6D/5N)R$ 3.638R$ 2.813R$ 2.225X
KAIK & CAMPING (5D/4N)R$ 3.658R$ 3.048R$ 2.475X
KAIK & CAMPING (4D/3N)R$ 2.925R$ 2.439R$ 1.978X
AMAZON TURTLE KAIAK (5D/4N)R$ 4.268R$ 3.659R$ 3.003X
AMAZON TURTLE KAIAK (4D/3N)R$ 3.414R$ 2.926R$ 2.403X
AMAZON TREKKING EXP (10D/9N)R$ 6.644R$ 4.650R$ 4.018R$ 3.888

Abour Amazon Turtle Lodges


In a prime area of primary jungle with rich biodiversity and vast options for ecotourism, bird watching, adventure and recreation. The trip from Manaus to the lodge is the first part of the adventure and guests will contemplate different ecosystems during this experience at Amazon Turtle Lodge. The first stage allows visitors to contemplate everything from natural beauty to daily caboclos landscapes. During the trip, you can see groups of birds, stilts adorn the “borders” of the roads, families moving in small boats along the rivers and the quiet fisherman waits for the right moment to pick up their food of the day.


All accommodations were designed to provide a comfortable stay to the visitors, reconciling location, facilities, comfort and harmony with nature.
There are 21 housing units divided into three types of accommodation:

Economy Chalet: They were the first to be built, designed to resemble the houses of the riverside caboclos, built in wood. Balcony overlooking the lake. From bedroom 1 to 4 with air conditioning and electric shower, with one double and one single bed. From bedroom 5 to 10 with fan, from 5 to 7 with a double bed and one single. Bedrooms 8 and 10 have two single beds and bedroom 9 with a single bed. All with screened windows and a private bathroom.

Comfort Chalet: With masonry rooms designed to guests who don't give up the comfort in the woods or the chill of a air-conditioned room. These accommodations cater to families with young children who fear for the safety of the little ones, and prefer to stay in a distant area of ​​the lake, without losing the delicacy of having its balcony and its space to enjoy the Amazon with the view facing the forest and hotel area.
From bedroom 11 to 13 with air conditioning and electric shower, with one double and one single bed.
Room 14 with 3 single beds, air conditioning and electric shower
From room 15 to 17 with air conditioning, but rooms 15 and 16 with two single beds and room 17 with three single beds. Room 18 with fan and three single beds.

Superior Chalet: Launched in 2017 to meet the profile of our visitors who seek comfort in the jungle and do not give up being in tune with nature, in a spacious environment and with the same facilities of an urban hotel, such as a queen-size bed, minibar, split air conditioning and hot shower. One secluded, ideal for couples (room 19) and two adjoining (rooms 20 and 21), ideal for families. All large balcony, one double and one single.


The outdoor area has a restaurant, TV room, hammock to relax, bar and games room, floating support for all adventures, stand up paddle, kayak, trail and lots of green area to contemplate.

Why choose Amazon Turtle Lodge?


Bar Restaurante Restaurante Redario
Conforto Conforto Lua de Mel
Economico Economico Economico
Superior Superio Excursao Redario