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Barco Tumbira
Barco Irace,a


The itineraries vary according to each group interests specifically. And there is so much to be explored. For adventurer spirits there will not miss places to know. We will navigate by igarapés (creeks) and igapós (flooded forest), doing trails in the forest, observing birds, fishing, knowing the native population. Different from expeditions, tours has less duration.
You decide how long do intend to stay and what to see, we take care of the rest.


Regular Departures

Regular River Cruises - Valid 2022
ItineraryDaysRate per peraon
Beauties of Negro River5 DiasR$ 5.670
Yoga6 DiasR$ 6.500
Ecossystems of Amazon7 DiasR$ 7.200
1.000 Miler Up14 diasR$ 11.300
1.000 Miler Down13 diasR$ 10.350



ECO/BRN: 05-11


Rates per Day - Valid: 2022/2023
Day RateCapacitytill 8 peopletill 16 peopletill 24 people
TUMBIRA20R$ 12.100R$ 12.900R$ 15.200
R$ 12.500R$ 13.300R$ 15.700
IRACEMA24R$ 13.100R$ 14.400R$ 16.300

Charter includes:
- Voyage charter (crew & fuel for the cruise), full board and bilingual guide (guided excursions).
- Service on board with mineral water anytime all trip.

It does not include: Travel insurance; Carriers; tips; phone calls; drink´s, beer and soft drinks will be charge according the consumption. And what more is not mentioned as included.

Embark/Disembark: At Tropical Executive Hotel pier in Manaus. Embark at 10:00 AM.


Amazon Ecosystems

The Amazon Ecosystems can be experienced in two ways:

7 days/6 nights: Navigating the Negro and Solimões rivers on a cruise that will take you through the beauty of the Negro river, the culture of the local people, the mysteries of the jungle and the exuberant landscapes. You will get to know the biodiversity of the water river barrentas (Solimões), the richness of birds, fish and the different culture of the people that inhabit the riverbanks.

5 days/4 nights: Includes only the Rio Negro and its natural beauties, including visit to the Anavilhanas Archipelago, jungle trekking, motorized canoe tours to contemplate the fauna and flora, visit the riverside and indigenous communities to learn about the local culture and way of life in connection with the Amazon forest The 5 days cruise starts in the third day of the 7 days cruise.

Yoga Expedition

Can you imagine joining the Amazon rainforest to the practice of Yoga?

Thinking about this, Amazonia Expeditions decided to create the "Yoga Expedition" - 6 days/5 nights, offering you a "retreat trip", to look within, calm your mind and connect with your heart through this immense Biome.

Daily Activities

Amazon Ecosystems


10 am – Boarding at the port of Manaus – safety briefing and introduction of crew and passengers – Welcome cocktail, navigation to the Solimões river along the edge of the city of Manaus.
Visit to the creation of pirarucu (scientific name: Arapaima gigas) and Meeting of the Waters of Rio Solimões and Rio Negro. Lunch on board, and then visit the Janauary Ecological Park. Possibility of seeing birds, birds and even small groups of squirrel monkeys. Dinner filled with Amazonian flavors, colors and aromas. Afterwards, ride in motorized canoes to see nocturnal animals. Return to the boat and overnight sailing up the Solimões River towards Lake Janauacá.


5:00 – generators turned off to notice the silence of the forest transforming into a symphony of birds, moment of contemplation. 5:30 am – immersion tour through the numerous and small Igarapés do Mamory. Return to the boat for a delicious breakfast. Tour option: Fishing with a hand line. After lunch, time to relax and enjoy the facilities and cozy corners of the boat. In the afternoon, our tour will follow the Miuá River – inside Lake Janauacá, possible observation of various animals such as sloths, monkeys and birds. Suggestion for a late afternoon tour: Sunset photos in this region usually surprise us every day. At night, motorized canoe ride along the paths of this region, another opportunity to hear, feel and see the variety of animals and sounds of this region – the night life of the forest.


Breakfast and navigation with destination to the beauties of the Rio Negro, this itinerary allows us to contemplate again the front of the city of Manaus, but we will continue upriver until we reach the community of Tatuyos Indians, coming from the upper Rio Negro. Lunch on board, and we head to the Tatuyos community. Opportunity to learn about the history of Cacique Pinó and how he brought his family from São Gabriel da Cachoeira to find the place where he fixed his large maloca. The community is home to around 40 indigenous people, all family members, and the main income revolves around the sale of handicrafts produced there. After the visit, we will continue our trip to the Ariaú river, where we will spend the night. Optional night tour: motorized canoe tour for observation and contemplation of the jungle's nightlife.


A contemplative walk through the forest before breakfast. Return for breakfast, then one of the Amazon's dolphin spots, the famous pink dolphin. Although porpoises appear in several regions of the Amazon, the Acajatuba lake is one of the main meeting points for this species. We will visit the project supported by ICMBIO. In the afternoon, the community of Barés Indians – indigenous peoples acculturated in the Cuieiras River. Knowing their history, school, and shared library project (they accept book donations). A meeting with the children in the late afternoon for a reading of Amazonian legends. Curumins and wedges love to hear storytelling. We will continue our journey, and at night we will disembark at Lake Jaradá, still on the Cuieiras River, for a barbecue in a regional hut where we will have the opportunity to enjoy an Amazonian-style party: a bonfire, lots of singing, counting on the talent of our passengers and crew.


Dawn is different, in the heart of the famous Anavilhanas Archipelago. The Anavilhanas National Park: Covering around 400 islands, the park is located on the Negro river, close to the Jaú national park. Brazilian conservation unit for integral protection of nature located in the state of Amazonas, with territory distributed by the municipalities of Manaus, Iranduba and Novo Airão, it was created in 1981, with the purpose of preserving the fluvial archipelago of Anavilhanas and its diverse forest formations, stimulate the production of knowledge through scientific research and promote the appreciation of the importance of the National Park for conservation. Immersion in the forest, driving our motorized canoes along the paths between the islands, a place rich in fauna and flora. With the possibility of seeing dancing Tangarás, macaws and toucans. Much of this day we will be cruising through the hundreds of islands in the archipelago.


On the Aturiá river, a whole day dedicated to contemplation walks, feeling the energy of the forest, with a bath in the river, cooling off to the sound of the small waterfalls found throughout our navigation. Lunch prepared in the middle of the forest: you will help with the preparation of the bonfire and all the arrangement of the place for lunch surrounded by the Amazonian green. Return to the boat in the late afternoon, when anything can happen: rain shower, flocks that accompany us in their flights, and a sun saying goodbye to another day in communion with the forest. Dinner on board.


During the whole day we will sail through the countless islands and channels that make up the archipelago as we return to Manaus. Expected arrival at 16:00.

Yoga Expedition

1st day - From 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm - Meeting, embarkation and departure from São Raimundo port.

Crew introduction and welcome drinks. Navigation. Dinner on board. Overnight.

2nd day - Hatha Vinyasa Yoga in the Janauacá Region

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Class. Breakfast. Visit to a local family and canoe trip.
Lunch on board. Meeting of the Waters and motorized boat ride. Group dynamic. Dinner on board.

3rd day - Lesson on Kundalini and Indigenous Culture

Yoga: Kundalini class. Breakfast. Visit to an indigenous community. Walk in the forest. Lunch. Craft class. Visit to a local community. Osho active meditation. To dinner.

4th day - Gentle Yoga in the Anavilhanas Archipelago

Smooth Yoga. Breakfast. Canoeing to a rapid. Lunch. Visit to the Anavilhanas Archipelago and night tour. Dinner.

5th day - Meditation and interaction with Dolphins

Ananda Mandala Meditation. Breakfast. Tour and interaction with the dolphins. Lunch. Relaxing on the beach and Kirtan. To dinner. Conversation Wheel with Full Moon Meditation.

6th day - Farewell

Breakfast. Return navigation with estimated arrival in Manaus around 10 am.

M/Y Iracema

Iracema Iracema Iracema Iracema Iracema
Barco Iracema

Comfortable regional wooden vessel, double cabins with private bathroom and air conditioning, restaurant, deck for recreation and leisure, support platform for bathing in the river, and a small but diverse library and a barbecue area with a bar.
Air-conditioned cabins, windows with curtains, private bathroom, bunk bed, bedding and amenities kit.

M/Y Tumbira


Accommodation: 22 passengers / 11 double cabins
Length: 27 m
Maximum wide: 7 m
Engine: 250HP MWM Diesel
The crew is formed by certified sailors, capable chefs to prepare the most delicious dishes of amazon cosine and trained assistants.

Our boat was built to give comfortable and safety in your cruise, being a modern version of the typical regional Amazon boat.
The boat has three levels of decks very spacious. The Superior Deck is a solarium for a better view of the landscape.
Each cabin is totally equipped with bathroom, central air-conditioner, double bed and a bunk beds, besides providing wide view during the cruise!
Our motorized canoes are 9m x 1,20m, allowing paddling during observation and getting in difficult spots.
We fell that a good boat trip is the best way to testimony what the unique Amazon biodiversity has to offer.
For that, our boat is available all year for ecotourism, scientific expeditions or meeting of nature lovers in general.