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Meeting of the waters (Negro and Solimões/Amazonas rivers)

Regular tourPolitics for children
R$ 150,00 per person (Minimum 2 people)0-5 years (free)
6-10 years (50%)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Tropical Pier) with lunch (except drinks).

Departure from the Tropical Hotel marina on River Negro. Sailing down the river, you can see the floating port of Manaus with the Amazon typical boats and the Municipal Market. After a short while, we will see the unbelievable Meeting of the Waters - where the Negro and Solimões rivers join to form the Amazon River - where we can make a short stop to observe this natural phenomenon. Then, we will sail up the Negro river until the Janauary Ecological Park where we can find the famous aquatic plant Vitória Regia (Lilly pad). Soon, after a ride in a motorized canoe through the igarapés (creeks) of Negro and Solimões rivers (In the dry season - from February to September - we will change into a jungle stroll). Lunch will be served at the floating restaurant with a visit to the Indian handcraft stores. Return to the Tropical Hotel with estimated arrival at 5:00pm (drinks not included).

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The excursion to the meeting of the waters between Rio Negro and Solimões leaves from the floating dock (Manaus floating harbor or Tropical Pier), navigating downstream the Rio Negro and observing at left bank the city of Manaus, some wooden houses - a typical building, the floating gas station, the Main Market and Educandos creek.

We proceed to the meeting of the waters where the muddy waters of the Solimões River run side by side with the dark ones of the Rio Negro without mixing. Having good luck, we can see some species of Boto Tucuxi (Sotalia Fluviatalis) and Boto rosa (Inia Geoffrensis), dolphin frolicking above the water.

After that, the boat take you across the Rio Negro to the Janauary Ecological Park which afford you a wonderful opportunity to canoe amidst creeks and flooded forests with their exotic fauna and flora, including the famous Victoria Regia water lilies.

During summer time, creeks draught with low level of the rivers in the region and the visit Janauary Park is replaced by a walking to the forests.

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