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River Expedition

The experience of being in a different world, surrounded by stimulus must be lived in a level higher than photos and digital memories kept in our cameras. There is a universe of new understanding about the forest reality to explore, through the lecture, argumentations, feelings and innumerable experiences lived in loco. From theatrical to the kinesthesia, we have in each expedition the mission of build the bridge between two distant worlds: the urban-contemporaneous and lost forest world. Taking our guests from one side to another of this way with safety, comfortable, leisure, good sense of humor and a lot of information. Interacting among friends with traditional culture population. Showing none of the animals of the Forest has us as a prey. Immerging in the Negro River, refreshing in its water beaches, blessed, black and at same time crystalline, inviting for a bath. Showing one Amazon very different of the Box view divulged by TV. Chartering a boat with us, you will acquire more than a trip, an experience of the life for life to keep in the memory.


Social-Ecologic Itineraries
The Wild is not the only attraction in our tours; so are the people who live in it. In their genuine cultural expressions, based on the fruits bore by the forest, we can find beauty and simplicity without equal. There is a lot to learn from this exchange with them, and it is in this exchange that friendship bonds are formed and spontaneous moments arise, whether on a football match, during a conversation or in many other activities.

Low Impact Tourism
To know and get the spirit of the true Amazon Rainforest, you got to go by boat. When you disembark in an isolated community, in a sanctuary of parrots and macaws, in a desert beach with gull nests, turtle eggs, or get in a canoe in a creek, you must keep your impact to a minimum. For that reason, Katerre operates only with small groups in boats with low fossil pollutant emission, low noise level, and organic trash disposal. With exclusive itineraries, many of the places we visit receive only our clients.

Your Wellbeing First
Remote river expeditions require experience and know-how to make sure nothing goes wrong. All passengers are covered by individual travel insurance policies. Our guides are trained in first-aid and able to use anesthetics and suturing. The boat is fumigated prior to every expedition, and it can be equipped with satellite phone for emergencies. Not to mention the familiarity we have with the places, communities, and people we visit.


Boat & Crew Information

Vessels with different convivial spaces, to select groups of travelers.

The boat Awapé (left), 52 feet and two floors, preserves all regional style with a good level of comfort for up to 8 passengers, accommodated in 3 air-conditioned cabins/suites. Main deck: Solarium, shower, bar, chaise longue, tables and chairs, hammocks, cabins, observatory and sound. Motor power: 114hp, speed: 16km/h.
Yet, the boat Jacaré Açú (right) craft premium of 64 feet, three floors and ample leisure and functional areas for up to 16 people, accommodated in 8 air-conditioned cabins/suites. Main deck: Kitchen, warehouse, laundry, buffet, restaurant, cabins and deck. Superior deck: Air-conditioned living, bar, video, cabins, command e deck. Solarium: service area, bar, sunbeds, tables and chairs, hammocks, observatory and sound. Motor power: 250hp; speed: 16km/h.
* In departures with less than 8 people will be used Awapé vessel, more than that the Jacaré Açú.

Jacaré Açú

Our guides are an important part of an expedition. More than just knowing the region, they must be helpful, have good humor, and, most of all, must be in sync with the vibe of the group. The Skipper is responsible for the success of the trip in all its aspects. He handles the crew, plans the route, and his chief officer is the boat boatman. The Cook is among the people responsible to make your stay in the boat as pleasant as possible, and his chief officer is the cleaning lady.


- Exclusive itineraries with unique locations and attractions along the Negro River.
- Low-impact tourism: groups with up to 8 passengers.
- Personalized service for menu served and route attractions (each client profile is sent an on-board register with tourist and food preferences).
- On-board service with snacks, drinks, beer, mineral water, everything.
- Each passenger will receive a star map of the week with us, and the navigation map with the itinerary followed.
- Comfort and safety: high mattresses, goose feather pillows, mineral water for brushing teeth, split air-conditioning, silent power (12V network) for contemplation of nature, crew trained and specialized.

Rates 2014 - Values per day

Jacaré-Açu R$ 6.200,00 up to 16 people R$ 5.250,00 up to 08 people
Awapé R$ 3.350,00 up to 08 people R$ 2.800,00 up to 04 people

Itineraries for Charter

Wild Apuaú (4 days)
Includes: Anavilhanas, waterfalls*, canoeing, standup paddle, trails, spotting, river dolphins, overnight in jungle, jumping* and "caboclos". Optional parasail.
Departure and arrival from any hotel of Manaus. Total navigation: 250km.

Anavilhanas plus Jaú (7 days)
Includes: Meeting of Waters, beaches*, waterfalls*, canoeing, standup paddle, trails, giant tree, fishing, spotting, river dolphins, overnight in jungle, jumping*, indigenous, "quilombolas" and "caboclos". Optional parasail, tree climbing and xaman ritual.
Departure and arrival from any hotel of Manaus. Total navigation: 550km.

Jaú Extreme (8 days)
Includes: "Quilombola" area of Tambor, beaches*, waterfalls*, canoeing, standup paddle, trails, giant tree, fishing, spotting, river dolphins, overnight in jungle, jumping*, birds' sanctuary and "caboclos". Optional parasail.
Departure and arrival from any hotel of Manaus. Total navigation: 700km.

Apuaú- Branco River (9 days)
Includes: Anavilhanas & Jauaperi River, beaches*, waterfalls*, canoeing, standup paddle, trails, giant tree, fishing, spotting, river dolphins, overnight in jungle, snorkel diving* and "caboclos". Optional parasail.
Departure and arrival from any hotel of Manaus. Total navigation: 750km.

* Attractions subject to change due to the flooding and drought of the rivers in the Amazon.
** Optional: Parasail; Tree climbing & Indigenous Ritual(xaman) - Booking in advanced, but payment in cash on board.
1. Cablocos: people descending of Brazilians from other places living in the forest for long time.
2. Quilombolas: people descending of African-American escapee slaves.

Charter includes:
- Voyage charter(crew & fuel for the cruise), full board, bilingual guide (guided excursions) and travel insurance.
- Service on board with mineral water, juice and "caipirinhas" anytime all trip, and, bottle of soft drinks during meals.
- Each guest receive one star map of the week and one nautical chart of the planned cruise.
It does not include: Carriers; tips; phone calls; other drink´s, beer and soft drinks will be charge according the consumption. And what more is not mentioned as included.
Embark/Disembark: It can be done in Novo Airão town, 180 Km far from Manaus by road. This transfer, in air-conditioned vehicle, is included in the charter rate and it will be done between 8:00 to 9:30 AM in the day of the embark, so the transfer back to Manaus(hotel or Airport) after the disembark with arrival in Manaus between 12:30 PM and 2:00 PM. This option is interesting to reduce the time of navigation till the attractive in Medium Negro River.

Ask for booking service filling: Plan your trip.

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