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Booking: Jungle Lodges

Jungle lodges packages have rates per person and include: transfer (Manaus-Lodge-Manaus), all meals (except drinks) and guided excursions (jungle trekking, alligator spotting, visit to a native house and sightseeing by canoe).
There are differences in location, accommodation characteristics and method of work of each Lodge.
The bilingual guides normally speak English and Portuguese.

Packages DO NOT INCLUDES travel insurance, drinks, beverages and extra expenses.

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Amazon Ecopark
Amazon Ecopark - Click for further information and Rates!

Location:Tarumã-Açu Creek, approximately 6 Km from Manaus
Boat transfer: 30 minutes
Occupancy: 70 rooms

Description: The lodge offers 22 rustics bungalows, distributed in the forest area, with typical regional design - made of wood, screened, with ceiling and cover with palm-tree - with 3 SGL suites, private bath, hot shower and air-conditioning, panoramic restaurant with capacity up to 100 people.

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- Special offer: Tropical Hotel and Ecopark Lodge package!


Room Category*4D/3N4D/3N *3D/2N3D/2N2D/1N
Traditional-SGLR$ 2.370R$ 2.175R$ 1.895R$ 1.705R$ 1.265
Traditional-DBLR$ 1.915R$ 1.715R$ 1.575R$ 1.375R$ 990
Superior-SGLR$ 2.615R$ 2.390R$ 2.085R$ 1.870R$ 1.400
Superior-DBLR$ 2.105R$ 1.890R$ 1.725R$ 1.510R$ 1.085
Superior Plus-SGLR$ 3.140R$ 2.865R$ 2.510R$ 2.245R$ 1.680
Superior Plus-DBLR$ 2.525R$ 2.270R$ 2.075R$ 1.800R$ 1.300

*With Meeting of Waters tour

Amazon Lodge
Amazon Lodge - Click for further information and Rates!

Location: 22 Km far from Ceasa Port in the left riverbank of Amazonas River.
Transfer: 1:30 hours in combined transfer by van plus motorized canoe or boat crossing the meeting of waters.
Occupancy: 16 twin rooms (8 with private bath and 8 with community bathrooms) and 2 double suites.

Description: At the scenery is the beauty of Meeting of Waters of Solimões (nickname of Amazonas River before join to Negro River) and Negro River. Stairs and walkways on stilts were designed to give you more comfort and safety to join your stay in the hotel. Bar-restaurant serves drinks and delicious regional dishes in self-service system. Belvedere with view to the Meeting of Waters, Island of rocks during the low level of waters, sources and creeks of clear water. There are double and TPL suites with total protection against insects in very pleasant and natural environment.

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- further information and rates; - Special offer: Tour in Manaus, Tropical Hotel and Amazon Lodge package!


(private bathroom)
Double (couple or 2 singles)
(private bathroom)
Triple (couple + single)
(private bathroom)
(couple + 2 singles)
(private bathroom)
R$ 3.100 R$ 1.940 R$ 1.820 R$ 1.700
R$ 3.725 R$ 2.320 R$ 2.190 R$ 2.080
Jungle Safari (6D/5N)
2 overnights
in jungle
R$ 5.130 R$ 3.100 R$ 2.970 R$ 2.700

Amazon Tupana Lodge
Amazon Tupana Lodge - Click for further information and Rates!

Location:180 km South of Manaus, in the Biological Reservation of Tupana River.
: Around 03:30h by van and motorized canoe.
Occupancy: 10 rooms and 04 bungalows.

Description: The Amazon Tupana Lodge is small size jungle lodge and charming. The rustic Amazon architecture was carefully planned in order do not affected the environment and even though to give you comfort during your stay.

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- Further information and rates;
- Special offer: Go Inn Hotel and Amazon Tupana Lodge package!


Standard-SGLR$ 2.287R$ 1.986R$ 1.685R$ 1.382
Standard-DBLR$ 1.830R$ 1.589R$ 1.348R$ 1.109
Standard-TPLR$ 1.646R$ 1.429R$ 1.212R$ 997
Superior-SGLR$ 2.630R$ 2.285R$ 1.938R$ 1.590
Superior-DBLR$ 2.103R$ 1.827R$ 1.550R$ 1.273
Superior-TPLR$ 1.893R$ 1.644R$ 1.394R$ 1.144
Bungalow-SGLR$ 3.023R$ 2.625R$ 2.230R$ 1.828
Bungalow-DBLR$ 2.419R$ 2.100R$ 1.783R$ 1.462
Bungalow-TPLR$ 2.176R$ 1.890R$ 1.604R$ 1.315

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge
Anavilhanas aerial view - Click for further information and Rates!

Location: right riverbank of Negro River at Novo Airão City, 160 km far from Manaus, in front of Anavilhanas Archipelago.
Transfer: Around 3h hours by car/van.
Occupancy: 16 chalets, 4 bungalows and 2 panoramic bungalows.

Description: The Anavilhanas Jungle lodge is the only Charm hotel in Northern Brazil and seeks to combine the highest comfort with the awe-inspiring Amazon forest. Their apartments built on stilts and combining wood, straw and bricks aim the privacy, comfort and safety environment. All rooms are equipped Queen Size bed, split air conditioning (no noise), refrigerator, bathroom with hot shower, continuous electrical light and a charming private verandah with hammocks viewing the forest. In addition, the hotel offers a swimming pool with panoramic view to the Anavilhanas National Park, hammock station for letting the time to pass with no worries, restaurant with international and regional, reception with internet access, satellite channel TV, telephone and game room. There is also a floating dock for seeing or swimming in the Negro River, and the best: no mosquitoes!

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Check-in between Jan 02 -> June 30 2017 + Check-in betweeen Sept 01 -> Dec 15 2017
(Except Brazilian Holidays).
Cancellation or changes less than 15 days before check-in, no refund.

Room Category Amazon Experience VI
Amazon Experience V
Amazon Experience IV
Amazon Experience III
Chalet-SGLR$ 7.108R$ 5.853R$ 4.597R$ 3.342
Chalet-DBL/TPLR$ 5.362R$ 4.456R$ 3.549R$ 2.643
Bungalow-SGLR$ 8.760R$ 7.174R$ 5.588R$ 4.003
Bungalow-DBL/TPLR$ 6.542R$ 5.400R$ 4.257R$ 3.115
Panoramic-SGLR$ 10.648R$ 8.685R$ 6.721R$ 4.758
Panoramic-DBL/TPLR$ 7.722R$ 6.344R$ 4.965R$ 3.587

Gavião Lodge
Mirante do Gavião - Click for further information!

Location: right riverbank of Negro River at Novo Airão City, 184 km far from Manaus, in front of Anavilhanas Archipelago.
Transfer: Around 3h hours by car/van.
Occupancy: The 7 rooms with sophisticated design and large spacious, are divided in 3 categories: The House Tree (with private belvedere to family group and 2 rooms), 03 standard and 02 luxury.

Description: The architectonical project, in precious wood and totally integrated to the nature, calls the attentions in Mirante do Gavião Amazon Lodge.
It was created by Spanish Architect Patricia O'Reilly, from Atelier O'Reilly Architecture & Partners Sustainable Strategies office, the Mirante do Gavião is composed by seven units and a leisure area with pool, large restaurant/bar and 3 belvederes.

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Check in Jan., 07 and check out Jun., 30 + Check in Sept., 01 and check out Dec., 25

Room Category5 Days/4 Nights4 Days/3 Nights3 Days/2 Nights
FamilySGL R$ 5.087
DBL R$ 4.433
TPL R$ 3.886
SGL R$ 4.237
DBL R$ 3.675
TPL R$ 3.259
SGL R$ 3.322
DBL R$ 2.869
TPL R$ 2.518
ComfortSGL R$ 5.859
DBL R$ 5.378
TPL R$ 4.525
SGL R$ 4.857
DBL R$ 4.186
TPL R$ 3.732
SGL R$ 3.731
DBL R$ 3.247
TPL R$ 2.875
LuxurySGL R$ 8.089
DBL R$ 7.038
TPL/QDP R$ 6.209
SGL R$ 6.398
DBL R$ 5.559
TPL/QDP R$ 4.932
SGL R$ 4.701
DBL R$ 4.163
TPL/QDP R$ 3.585

Juma Jungle Lodge
Juma Hotel - Click for further information!

Location: Juma River, approximately 100 Km far from Manaus.
Transfer: 3 hours in combined van, speedboat to cross the meeting of waters, van in BR319 highway and speed boat again.
Occupancy: 21 bungalows (8 viewed to the forest, 12 viewed to the Juma River and 1 panoramic).

Description: The lodge is at the tree top highs (15 meters higher than water line in dry season), offering total privacy. The apartments are comfortable and have private bathroom, fan and balcony (The lodge has solar energy, also to warm the water of the shower). The Juma was planned to be fully integrated into the jungle, providing a true Amazon experience to the guests. It is built on stilts, on the ground, on the banks of Juma Lake. The restaurant was also built on stilts and has an excellent view to the Lake. Meals are served in buffet style with regional cuisine.

Click for: further information and others rates!

Except Carnival + July and August + Christmas and New Year

PACKAGESSelva (6d/5n)
3 overnights in jungle
Uirapuru (6d/5n)
1 overnight in jungle
Tucano (5d/4n)Mutum (4d/3n)Arara (3d/2n)
Viewed to the forest

R$ 6.040,00
R$ 4.474,00
R$ 3.803,00

R$ 5.905,00
R$ 4.374,00
R$ 3.719,00

R$ 4.429,00
R$ 3.281,00
R$ 2.789,00

R$ 3.563,00
R$ 2.639,00
R$ 2.244,00

R$ 2.732,00
R$ 2.024,00
R$ 1.721,00
Viewed to the Juma River

R$ 6.946,00
R$ 5.144,00
R$ 4.373,00

R$ 6.792,00
R$ 5.030,00
R$ 4.276,00

R$ 5.094,00
R$ 3.773,00
R$ 3.208,00

R$ 4.098,00
R$ 3.035,00
R$ 2.580,00

R$ 3.142,00
R$ 2.328,00
R$ 1.979,00

R$ 7.987,00
R$ 5.917,00
R$ 5.029,00

R$ 7.811,00
R$ 5.785,00
R$ 4.918,00

R$ 5.857,00
R$ 4.339,00
R$ 3.688,00

R$ 4.712,00
R$ 3.491,00
R$ 2.966,00

R$ 3.613,00
R$ 2.676,00
R$ 2.275,00

Mamirauá Uacari Lodge
Mamirauá Uacari Lodge - Click for further information and Rates 2018!

Location:2 hours by boat from Tefé City.
Transfer: Manaus - Tefé by plane (aerial with Azul airlines not included)+ 2 hours Tefé - Mamirauá by boat.
Occupancy: 10 suites.

Description: Mamirauá is the name of the reserve and the Institute that develop many projects in that area including ecotourism. The Uacari Floating lodge is destined for the ecotourism. The lodge has comfortable and ample apartments (25 square meters). Private bath equipped with hot shower, solar energy for light and sewage filters. The rooms are connected by floating walkway to the Central floating House. There, guests find the restaurant, video room, library, deck. The restaurant offers a varied menu including regional meals. The Uacari lodge is cozy and comfortable, using alternative technologies like solar energy and an adequate sewage system for minimize the environmental impacts. The Governor of the state of Amazonas created the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve (RSDM) in 1990 as an Ecological Reservation. In 1996, with the completion of the Management Plan, the state government changed its status to that of a Sustainable Development Reserve. The Reserve´s objective is the protection of the várzea at the confluence of the Solimões and Japurá rivers near the town of Tefé. Model of the Communitarian Ecotourism.

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Ask for discount for early booking

*** Low Season (Jan to May + Oct to Dec) ***IndividualDouble or TripleQuadruple
3 Nights (Tuesdays to Fridays)R$ 2.270,00R$ 2.120,00R$ 1.870,00
4 Nights (Fridays to Tuesdays)R$ 2.690,00R$ 2.510,00R$ 2.210,00
7 Noites (Saídas Terça ou Sexta)R$ 3.650,00R$ 3.410,00R$ 3.000,00
*** High Season (Jun to Sept) ***IndividualDouble or TripleQuadruple
3 Nights (Tuesdays to Fridays)R$ 2.425,00R$ 2.265,00R$ 1.995,00
4 Nights (Fridays to Tuesdays)R$ 2.835,00R$ 2.650,00R$ 2.335,00
7 Nights (Departures on Tuesdays/Fridays)R$ 3.830,00R$ 3.580,00R$ 3.150,00

Mamirauá - Uacari Lodge - Exclusive packages. Click to know them!
Photos by
JP Borges Pedro, Brandi Jo Petronio, Pedro Nassar, Eduardo Coelho and Marcelo Santana.

Jaguar Expedition Bird watching Photo Journey

Manati Lodge
Manati Lodge - Click for further information!

Location: Located in one of the most beautiful regions of the Negro River, area of Ubim and Acajatuba Lakes. Within the Sustainable Development Reserve of the Negro River in the Acajatuba Lake, on the right riverbank of the Negro River far 60 kilometers from Manaus, habitat of great diversity of flora and fauna in the Amazon.
Transfer: Around 2h hours by car/van and speed boat.
Occupancy: It consists of 6 rooms measuring 16 m2 each, which can accommodate up to 5 people in one double bed, a bunk bed for two and single bed, ideal for families. Each room has private bathroom air-conditioner, fan and balcony with hammock, viewing to the river and to the forest.

Description: Manati Lodge facilities are covered with straw and covered with mats of vine, which makes fresh even in warmer weather. There in no eletric shower. The restaurant is small, also covered with straws. It uses to be a Caboclos House before the hostel construction. Although simple, the guest will be conquered with our regional cuisine.

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PACKAGESHarpia (3d/2n)Arapaima (4d/3n)Anaconda (5d/4n)Survival (6d/5n)
Min. 2 pax
IndividualR$ 1.915,00R$ 2.543,00R$ 3.154,00R$ 3.792,00
DoubleR$ 1.276,00R$ 1.695,00R$ 2.102,00R$ 2.528,00
TripleR$ 1.212,00R$ 1.609,00R$ 2.001,00R$ 2.406,00
QuadrupleR$ 1.152,00R$ 1.522,00R$ 1.899,00R$ 2.291,00
QuintupleR$ 1.095,00R$ 1.449,00R$ 1.805,00R$ 2.174,00