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Jungle Lodges

Jungle Lodges

The lodges offer complete packages including accommodation, transportation since Manaus hotels or airport, all meals, guided excursions to know the many different aspects of the rainforest (fauna, flora and local) with specialized and bilingual guides and native guide. The difference is location and particular characteristics of services offere.
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River Cruises

Navigate by the Amazon Basin!

Rivers are waterways running all over the rainforest and its labyrinths. Alone or small groups, you can join one of the river cruises to explore forest soul. Check the scheduled departures from Manaus and itineraries along Amazonas, Negro Rivers and/or their main tributaries. Or, you can also create your own itinerary.

Tours & Hotels

Teatro Amazonas

Private tour to know Manaus History and Culture, with the main spot in Opera House, or Scientific City tour visiting INPA (National Institute of Research of Amazon) and CIGS (Brazilian Army). Full day tour visits the amazing and famous meeting of waters or takes you to a refreshing bath inPresidente Figueiredo waterfalls. Check the hotels in Manaus according to your needs and book with us.


Visit the Amazonas

Amazonas by Viverde is Viverde Turismo Ltda trade mark, a travel agency located in Manaus since 1996, which mission is
"Show the Amazon Forest, bringing people and let them fall in love with it".
Our attractive is the Amazon, Manaus and expeditions to the inner city of the State. Our service is personal and personalized, so the client must fill in the form  Plan your trip and send it some time prior the trip.
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